about us

Through our vision of being different, we believe in the true meaning of the word ‘care’.

We care about nurturing and building respect between our clients and their carers.

We ensure that freedom of choice, individuality and dignity remain in the hand of those we care for. The MMT Care model means reassurance and companionship for a few hours a day. For others, it may mean 24/7 live-in-care with complex lifestyle assistance.

Our client-centred approach sets us apart. We know every person and every disability is different. Whether you are in a need of care at a short-notice, Short term accommodation or Supported independent living, we will connect with you and your family to create a service that truly works.


Frequently asked questions

What is MMT Care about?

We are all about overcoming obstacles and encouraging abilities

What's reasonable and necessary and why is it important?

Put simply, anything you request that doesn’t meet reasonable and necessary criteria set by the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act (2013) will not be funded. Supports must meet all of the following criteria: -Will assist you to pursue your goals, objectives and aspirations as stated in your plan -Will facilitate your social and economic participation -Be value for money -Be effective and beneficial for you, and in line with current good practice -Takes account of what is reasonable to expect families, carers, informal networks and the community to provide -Is most appropriately funded through the NDIS (rather than other systems like Health or Education). This is in the legislation (NDIS Act) and is a guiding tool for planners. So, remember to use this is a checklist for all your requests and use this language when you are pre-planning!

What disability services does MMT Care offer?

MMT Care offers these services in the following states Supported Independent Living - QLD, VIC, NSW Medium Term Accommodation - QLD, VIC, NSW Short Term Accommodation - QLD, VIC, NSW VOOHC - NSW Only Allied Health - QLD Community Nursing - QLD Daily Living & Community Access - QLD, VIC, NSW

Does MMT Care have NDIS experience?

MMT Care has extensive NDIS experience. We are a widely recognised and celebrated NDIS provider that has worked within the disability sector in a variety of areas, from Allied health to Supported Independent living to Voluntary out of Home care. While we are still a young organisation, our expansive growth and movement into a variety of different facets of the NDIS, highlight our ability to provide excellent service to individuals of all sorts of needs.