community nursing

Community Nursing is currently available in Queensland & Victoria only

At MMT Care, our community nurse can provide support to participants who has complex support needs by someone who has medical experience in the disability space.

This service is considered when specific individual support needs include:

- Medical needs/procedures such as home enteral nutrition (Naso-Gastric Tube-Jejunum or Duodenum)
- Complex Bowel Care
- Feeding and Management
- Tracheostomy Management
- Urinary Catheter Management (In-dwelling Urinary Catheter, In-out Catheter, Suprapubic Catheter)
- Subcutaneous Injections
- Complex Wound Care and Management
- Day-to-day management of medications

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Meet our Community Nurses


Chris Cahill

Registered Nurse - Queensland

Chris is a client - focused and well organized registered nurse with experience providing clinical care to a variety of clients with disabilities, while maintaining the nursing code of ethics. He is proficient in recommending changes towards client care through her expertise in observation of client needs. Highly organised and able to multitask while allowing support workers to work together towards positive results, while ensuring the workers have the appropriate training and skills.


Jan Michael

Clinical Nurse - Victoria

Jan Michael is a hard-working, patient-centered and well-organised Clinical Nurse who is driven to provide the utmost care for patients/participants with disabilities. He supports to drive the Disability Healthcare Sector to reach its optimal service of care.


Vhenne Jonne Ganancial

Clinical Nurse - Victoria

Victoria Vince is a highly motivated and fully dedicated Clinical Nurse who is very dependable at his job and always performing his utmost best. He has vast experiences in nursing care dealing and assisting various types of patients particularly with disabilities. He is very meticulous at details and well organised. Being a team player enables him to work efficiently with support workers and inspires them to perform effectively with the necessary training and mentoring he provides. Highly competent and work-driven, he constantly brings about changes through ideas gathered everyday exposure to clients ensuring that their needs are consistently met, maximum satisfaction is derived and positive outcomes are achieved.